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Brew at home 

The recent surge in COVID-19 cases in Victoria has forced many of us into lockdown, with trips out of home only for work and essential items. 

As many people have returned to working from home, or just aren't able to get out to get their favourite cup of coffee, we thought we'd share a few simple guides on how to brew coffee at home. 

For brewing equipment and bags of coffee, you can pre-order online and get your home brewing into full swing! 

Our own Devin Loong takes you through the basics of 'The Loong Pour', the filter coffee method he developed and has used to win the Australian Brewers Cup Championship - twice! 

Want to brew great coffee but don't have a set of scales at home to measure your coffee?

ONA Coffee's Head Trainer, Hugh Kelly, takes you through a simple method to use an Espro Press (like a French Press) without scales!

Heard about freezing coffee beans, but you don't know why or where to start

ONA Coffee's Rhys Woods and Matthew Lewin take you through the basic theory, techniques and reasoning behind freezing coffee beans and how it can make your bags of coffee last longer.

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