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Coffee Experience Sessions

When available, we offer unique 'Coffee Experience Sessions' for small groups, in order to provide an intimate experience of the complexity and intricacies of coffee.

Groups are typically seated at our filter bar and are guided through a tasting flight of various styles, varietals and flavour experiences of our coffees by one of our team. 

Please note that we operate on a walk-in basis only. These reservations are for the Coffee Experience Sessions only and are not for general dine-in seating.

'Exploring Finca Deborah', with Sam Corra (ONA Coffee)

July 16-18


Hosted by former World Brewers Cup finalist and ONA Coffee Director of Coffee, Sam Corrathis session will explore three tailored preparations of filter coffee from one of the most renowned coffee producers in the world: Jamison Savage.

Having worked as the Head Roaster of ONA Coffee for more than 10 years, Sam has been fortunate enough to roast many of Jamison's renowned coffees. Through these three different filter coffees, this experience session will take a journey through Jamison's farm, Finca Deborah, in Panama.



Thursday, July 16
9:00am - 10:00am
10:30am - 11:30am 

Friday, July 17
9:00am - 10:00am

10:30am - 11:30am 

Saturday, July 18
8:30am - 9:30am

10:30am - 11:30 am

Tickets via

Screenshot 2020-06-22 15.12.52.png

Course 1: Welcome to Finca Deborah


Theme: 'It's all about terroir'

Coffee: Finca Deborah, Geisha, Washed

This particular profile is so important to Sam, as it is such a pristine expression of coffee variety, microclimate and processing. This really is Finca Deborah in its most raw, unaltered and pure form, and really is the pinnacle of 'terroir expressive' coffee for Sam.

Course 2: 'Alter Ego'


Theme: 'When washed masquerades as natural'

Coffee: Finca Deborah 'Arctic', Geisha, Whole Cherry Carbonic Maceration 

In 2017, Sam travelled with ONA Coffee founder, Sasa Sestic and ONA Coffee's Head of Training, Hugh Kelly
 to Panama to help create coffees for the World Brewers Cup and World Barista Championship. The goal was to create a coffee with the flavour depth, aromatic complexity, sweetness and texture of a natural process paired with the vibrancy, lift, acidity and clarity of a washed coffee. The answer was washed whole cherry carbonic maceration

With only 4kg of this coffee produced from Finca Deborah in 2020, it doesn't often get shared outside of the competition scene. Don't miss your chance to taste a coffee that made the finals in two different coffee competitions in the same year!

Course 3: Creating more complexity 


Theme: 'All the colours of the rainbow' 

Coffee: Finca Deborah 'Enigma' Opal, Geisha, Extended Whole Cherry Carbonic Maceration 

Brief: In this last course, Sam will take you to the extremes of this farm's expressive power, with the most extended anaerobic natural processing that Jamison has done to date. This coffee was created for 2019 Australian Brewers Cup Champion, Yanina Ferreyra, to use at the World Brewers Cup (Boston). It is a wild ride through a mixed colour profile of flavours and expression, as the coffee shifts throughout different stages of temperatures as it cools.

With only 15kg of this lot produced annually, it is an intense and interesting way to finish this experience session and change your notion of coffee forever.

'Milestones at Origin' - Saša Šestić

July 24-25

Former World Barista Champion, Saša Šestić presents an experience session that celebrates different milestones at origin and in processing.

Join 'The Coffee Man' on a guided experience through three courses that tell the story of past coffee travels, experiments and some noteworthy developments in coffee processing. The time Saša spends behind a coffee bar these days is extremely scarce, so getting the opportunity to have coffees prepared by the former world champion is a real treat!


Course One

Coffee: Mystery coffee

Brew method: Filter

In the first course, Saša hosts a 'blind tasting' in which he will brew you a very special and unique coffee, and ask you to assess and guess what it could be. This particular coffee and the producer who created it have been one of the big surprises for our team in 2020. We promise Saša will reveal what the coffee is and why this coffee excites him so much!


Course Two

Coffee: Kenya, Thagieni 'Amber Lot 073', SL28/SL34 (CM Washed)

Brew method: Espresso

Kenya is one of the most beloved coffee origins of many coffee professionals and customers alike. Even though we love them, there are always little things we’d love to improve. This course is all about 'refining a classic' using Carbonic Maceration (CM) processing; Saša will explain how we have managed to integrate and heighten the vibrant acidity of this SL28/SL34 lot, as well as increase creaminess and deepen perceived sweetness.


Course Three

Coffees: Panama, Finca Deborah, Jasper 'Symmetry' (CM Natural), 'Ben 12' roast

Brew method : Espresso

In the last course Sasa he will guide his guests through a very specially prepared espresso roast of a special lot from Finca Deborah, Panama. Produced by Jamison Savage in the region of Volcan, this one of his best 'CM' natural geishas of the 2020 harvest. This coffee preparation should blow you away with its floral aromatics, fruit laden palate and soft juicy structure. Prepared with a particular roast profile (ask about the 'Ben 12' style'), you'll surely be tasting this coffee well into the afternoon.

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