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ONA Coffee Melbourne

22 Ovens St, Brunswick, 3056 Victoria

Monday to Friday

8.00am - 3.00pm


Weekends & Pub. Holidays

8.30am - 3.00pm


Kitchen closes at 2.30pm

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Connecting communities, sharing flavour

ONA Coffee Melbourne is the Melbourne flagship store of Australian specialty coffee roaster, ONA Coffee

Founded in 2008 by former World Barista Champion, Saša Šestic, ONA Coffee is dedicated to sharing the incredible stories and experiences of coffees from across the world, as well as the people who grow it. 

With locations in Canberra, Sydney and Melbourne, we aim to transform the experience of drinking coffee into an unforgettable experience. With a range of specialty blends, brewing options, experimental coffees and an extensive 'reserve menu' of frozen coffee beans, ONA Coffee Melbourne is a destination to both enjoy and learn about the world of coffee.

We look forward to sharing our passion with you.



A world of flavour 

Through the green bean supplying company, Project Origin we engage in direct trade and mutually beneficial relationships with coffee farmers around the world, and share their stories with every cup we serve. 

Our coffee is priced in a way to reflect quality, and fairness to producers. Project Origin pays higher premiums to their partners at origin - so each sale of one of our coffees is helping someone in a coffee producing community. 

Our approach to coffee is simple - we aim to take the best, natural characteristics of coffees from various countries and regions of the world, and share them in the most appropriate format. 

We share our coffees in three formats: milk-based, espresso and filter coffee. Each of the single origin coffees and blends of coffee we serve has been roasted to suit one of these three styles.


We also offer an extensive 'reserve menu' of frozen coffee beans, which have been preserved in sub-zero temperatures so that you can taste a range of rare and exciting coffee varietals and styles, whenever you like. 

Our coffee menu is like a wine list - you may choose by style, country, flavour profile - or if you are looking for a recommendation, we're happy to help.



We engage in a range of sustainable measures in our premises, to ensure that we are doing what we love at no expense to the planet.


In 2020, ONA Coffee launched the #giveupthecup campaign, which aims to completely eliminate single-use cups from its venues and wholesale distribution. As part of our contribution to this campaign, we operate our venue with minimal use of single-use cups. Instead, we offer a range of swap programs and gladly accept reusable cups. 

Solar energy

When creating our venue, we wanted to ensure that we didn't just use sustainable products and materials, but that the energy we used came from clean, green sources. The roof of our premises is covered in solar panels, which powers all the electricity in the building and ensures that we are promoting a cleaner, brighter way to share our food and coffee.

Local products

As part of Melbourne's inner north, we feel that it is important to use as many locally-sourced and grown products as possible. Next time you visit, have a look through our menu for various local products and partnerships with local suppliers! #supportyourlocal




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Please note that we DO NOT take bookings
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